Fullstack GPT: Build AI Web Apps with the OpenAI API, Next.js and Tailwind CSS

Get started quickly with the basics of building fullstack AI web apps with the OpenAI API, Next.js and Tailwind CSS.

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What Will You Get From This Book?

The aim of this book is to help you quickly get started with the basics of building fullstack AI web apps with the OpenAI API, Next.js and Tailwind CSS.

Get started quickly with the OpenAI ChatGPT API

Learn how to set up your OpenAI API secret key, customise and send requests to the ChatGPT API, and process the response.

Learn to build fullstack web apps with Next.js

Next.js is the batteries-included fullstack React framework that many of the world's most cutting edge companies, startups and indie hackers choose.

Gain experience building UIs with Tailwind CSS

We style the React UIs we build using Tailwind CSS, the utility-first CSS framework that has become the de-factor standard for styling UIs.

Build your own chatbot powered by the ChatGPT API

As the capstone project of this book, we build a basic chatbot using the ChatGPT API, Next.js and Tailwind CSS (Demo | GitHub) — the perfect starting point for your next side project or portfolio project.

Learn faster through project-based learning

Learn through building three projects: Hello, World! (Next.js and Tailwind CSS 101) (GitHub), Hello, GPT! (ChatGPT API basics) (Demo | GitHub) and GPT Chatbot (capstone project) (Demo | GitHub).

Detailed walk throughs of key source code logic

Go deeper with step-by-step explanations of what's going on in the web app source code, so that you can improve your skills and adapt what you learn for your own projects.

Who This Book Is For

JavaScript devs looking for a quick introduction to OpenAI's ChatGPT API

This book provides a practical introduction to working with the ChatGPT API. It covers how to create an API endpoint that sends requests to the OpenAI API and how to integrate the response into a React UI.

Aspiring software engineers looking to build personal projects

In this book, you will learn how to build the Hello, GPT! and GPT Chatbot fullstack web apps. These web apps are an excellent starting point for building personal projects you can showcase when applying for jobs.

React.js developers looking for a quick introduction to Next.js

This book covers how to set up a project with Next.js, creating backend API endpoints in Next.js and other basic features specific to Next.js.

What's Included

  • Access to web version of the book (free)
  • Book in PDF format (pay what you want)
  • Access to any future updates to the book

  • The full source code for the three projects covered in the book are open sourced on GitHub.
  • See further details in the FAQ section on the purchase page.

About The Author

Hey, I'm David Wu. I'm a fullstack software engineer based in Melbourne, Australia. Like others, the release of ChatGPT in November, 2022 blew me away. Since then, I've been tinkering with the OpenAI API and sharing what I learn along the way. This book is a culmination of my learnings so far.